Mool Home offers a wide range of stylish handwoven or hand-tufted mats that are a perfect fit for your home. The range of designs includes geometric mats, abstract mats, and floral mats. Our contemporary designs aim to add elements of luxury and comfort to your living spaces. Every mat is crafted using premium quality materials and superior traditional weaving techniques. This guarantees the longevity of the mat and stylish, exclusive designs. We use premium New Zealand wool that is of the finest quality. The mat backing is high-quality cotton to ensure structural stability and durability.

Argyle Chains Argyle Chains

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Argyle Chains

A handwoven mat alternating between darker and lighter shades, adding a touch of comfort and coziness. Material Cotton and Wool ..

Auburn Grid Auburn Grid

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Auburn Grid

A hand-tufted mat with an auburn tone and geometric grid pattern transforms any room into a stylish, trendy space. MaterialWool ..

City Lights City Lights

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

City Lights

This hand-tufted mat has wisps of bright colours set against an almond-brown background creating a dash of vibrancy. Material Wool ..

Diamond Decks Diamond Decks

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Diamond Decks

This handwoven mat combines a classic diamond motif with lighter hues, adding a touch of elegance to the living space.MaterialCotton and WoolSize2ft x 3ft (Approximately 60 cm x 90..

Diamond Weaves Diamond Weaves

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Diamond Weaves

A dual-toned floor mat with an intricately hand-tufted pattern, adds a touch of warmth to the surroundings. Material Wool ..

Floral Flair Floral Flair

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Floral Flair

This intricately hand-tufted floral mat makes your living space aesthetically appealing and vibrant. MaterialWool ..

Geometrical Melange Geometrical Melange

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Geometrical Melange

This hand-tufted mat uses an unconventional design with a combination of varied geometric shapes that creates a very modern vibe. MaterialWool&nb..

Indian Summer Indian Summer

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Indian Summer

This hand-tufted mat with a unique colour tone and a design inspired by nature creates an element of exclusivity in any living space. Material&..

Iridescent Filigree Iridescent Filigree

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Iridescent Filigree

Adding a touch of glamour with its colour tones, this hand-tufted mat creates an aura of luxury. Material Wool and Viscose ..

Modern Medley Modern Medley

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Modern Medley

A medley of varied colour tones, this hand-crafted mat brightens up any room. MaterWool Size 2ft x 3ft (..

Mystical Labyrinth Mystical Labyrinth

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Mystical Labyrinth

This hand-tufted mat uses a traditional geometric pattern and exudes sophistication and minimalism. Material Wool and Viscose ..

Regal Imprints Regal Imprints

₹2,025 Ex Tax: ₹2,025

Regal Imprints

This pristine handwoven mat uses the traditional fleur-de-lis motif, producing an ambience of regality and exclusivity. Material Cotto..

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