Delivery and Returns

1. Delivery and Returns

1.1 Once a valid purchase has been completed, “Mool” will thereafter transmit a confirmation email to the registered email address of the customer intimating the scheduled date of delivery of customers purchased items.


1.2 Deliveries will be made within 3 weeks from the date of realization of purchase order amount. The customer hereby agrees to make adequate arrangements for smooth carriage of the purchased items by the carrier from the main gate of the customer premises to customers doorstep. “Mool” will not accept cancellation at the time of delivery on the grounds of inaccessibility to the customers desired location(e.g. doorway too small, insufficient space to maneuver the purchased items through the premises, road inaccessible to delivery van, etc.), subject to the general right of the customer under the cancellation clause below.


1.3 “Mool” will make every effort to carry out deliveries on the given date. The delivery date provided to the customer is an estimate given in good faith. If “Mool” finds subsequently that the estimate is inaccurate, “Mool” will endeavor to inform the customer using the registered contact numbers and/or email address of the customer.



1.4 “Mool” will make 2 attempts for delivery to the customers desired address. In case the delivery does not happen and the orders are returned, “Mool” reserves the right to cancel the order and retain up to 25% of the order value. All purchases on the website are made pursuant to a shipment contract.

The customer hereby agrees that the title to such purchased goods shall pass on to the customer once the goods are delivered by “Mool” to the carrier for delivery to the customers doorstep. The customer agrees that the carrier of the purchased goods to the customers premises shall be the customers agent.


1.5 “Mool” provides Free shipping in India (any Customs/ Octroi charges will payable directly to the courier company, by the customer). “Mool” reserves the right to revise prices in future.


2 Cancellation & Returns Procedure

2.1 The customer may cancel the purchase order within a period of and in any event not later than, 2 working days from the date of purchase. If the customer chooses to cancel the purchase order after the dispatch of the purchased item, then the following procedure will apply:

For return of the purchase items, the customer should contact the customer care department of “Mool” at within 7 days of delivery. “Mool” will levy an appropriate collection charge depending upon the items purchased and the customers location which will be duly conveyed before collection.



2.2 In case the reason of return is delivery of wrong items (delivered items different from ordered / described, poor quality of delivered items etc.). “Mool” will fully refund the collection charges and further arrange suitable replacement(s) at its own cost. Any refund of the purchase amount will only be at the discretion of Mool Home.



2.3 In case of refund, the refund will be made as store credit or on the credit/debit/charge card with which the items were purchased on-line, after deducting the appropriate collection charge, once the items has been received back in good shape by Mool Home.



2.4 If it is found by “Mool” that the returned items are not in good condition, then “Mool” reserves the right to refuse any refund / replacement.


2.5 In case of order cancellation after 48 hours of confirmation, refund will only be made as store credit with a predetermined validity.


3 Arbitration and settlement of disputes

3.1 “Mool” will always make full efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. But, in the unfortunate situation of any legal disputes, the Courts at New Delhi alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction, to the exclusion of all other courts.